Dancefilm: Choreography and the Moving Image-Erin Brannigan

  • Title: Dancefilm: Choreography and the Moving Image
  • Author: Erin Brannigan
  • Released: 2011-02-09
  • Language:
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 0195367243
  • ISBN13: 978-0195367249
  • ASIN: 0195367243


"This is a book of tremendous reach and range, shuttling easily up and down the decades, moving nimbly between dance history and film theory, and hopping happily back and forth between big mainstream movies and small experimental gems. It's a book be-jeweled with zinging phrases, memorable quotations and big ideas tautly expressed. Best of all, it's an hospitable book with a great cast of characters, wherein film-stars rub shoulders with theorists and the commercial converses with the avant garde." --David Hinton, Film-maker

"This book makes a convincing case for recognizing that work choreographed by and with the camera is an artform with its own distinct properties. Drawing on philosophy, dance studies, and film theory, Brannigan offers acute insights into the nature of dancefilm." --Ramsay Burt, Professor of Dance History, De Montfort University

"Images move; dancers make images: the complexities of this choreographic interweave are here explored in a range of illuminating ways. Erin Brannigan's book is an innovative contribution of equal importance to Cinema Studies and Dance Research." --Jane Goodall, Adjunct Professor, Writing and Society Research Group, The University of Western Sydney

"Tackling a large-scale agenda from a meticulously researched and unapologetically dance-centred perspective, Dancefilm is a much-needed resource for the serious scholar." --RealTime

"A significant contribution to the field. [Brannigan] has provided us with an historical context, terminology and other tools for discussing dancefilm. She has assembled a particular cast of theorists, historians, choreographers, filmmakers and dancefilm artists. She has provided a platform upon which further development of screendance can spring. Can we now step forward, respond to and acknowledge her offering, and continue the conversation?" --Dancefilm Journal

About the Author
Erin Brannigan works in dance and film as a journalist, academic and curator. She was the founding Director of ReelDance International Dance on Screen Festival and has curated dance screen programs and exhibitions for Sydney Festival 2008, Melbourne International Arts Festival 2003 and international dance screen festivals. Erin writes on dance for the Australian arts newspaper, RealTime and lectures in the School of English, Media and Performing Arts at the University of New South Wales.